Help Your Man Enjoy Prostate Health

By | February 4, 2018

Growing old together could be the best years of your life. With more money at your disposal and more time on your hands, you could do things you only dreamed of in the early years of your life. But aging also raises the likelihood of age-related health concerns which could put a damper on your dreams. This is true for men as well as they approach their 40s and 50s.

For many men, their primary health concern is prostate health. In fact, as far as statistics tell, it’s only a matter of time before prostate health concerns may hit your man. About 50 percent of men in their 50s have concerns associated with an aging prostate health, including the effect on urinary flow and functions. This number rises to 80 percent by the time men reach their 80s. With most men being reluctant to seek help, millions of men needlessly deal with prostate concerns because of lack of knowledge, apathy or fears about prostate health.

How can you help the man in your life enjoy good prostate health well into the senior years of your lives? Taking proactive measures now to promote prostate health may help you both to grab all the opportunities that life offers during these years. Here are a few simple tips that may help you make the most of the senior years of your life!

Build Awareness
Study prostate health. There are several reliable sites that can give you insightful information on what the prostate gland is, where it is situated and its functions. Two such website are, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, and, sponsored by Medline Plus. Find out why most men will have aging prostate concerns, and the factors that make a man more susceptible to aging prostate health. Share this information with your partner. If your partner is over 40, annual prostate checkups are recommended.

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Look for Tell-Tales!
Does your partner experience an increased in the frequency of urination? Does he get up in the night more frequently to pass urine? Has he noticed incomplete bladder emptying while passing urine? If so, he should consult a doctor.

Avoiding fluids after dinner may help him to sleep through the night without having to get up for a bathroom visit.

Diet Modifications
A diet that promotes prostate health includes plenty of fruit, vegetables and an adequate fiber intake. Scientists have found that men who follow a diet marked by red meat/saturated fat intake have a higher association with aging prostate concerns. Many health experts believe that nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining prostate health. Essential minerals include zinc, selenium, and Vitamin D.

More Exercise!
Men who are physically active generally have better chances of maintaining good health. A regular exercise regimen may help to support healthy circulation. In turn, a healthy circulation may help to provide more oxygen and nutrients to vital organs, tissues and glands, so that they can perform their functions optimally.

Dietary Supplements
Be proactive on prostate healthcare by taking prostate supplements that support prostate health. Supplements like Super Beta Prostate contain specific nutrients such as Vitamin D, zinc, and selenium Such prostate supplements not only promote prostate health and a healthy reproductive system, but also contain a key natural ingredient called beta Sitosterol that helps to support healthy urinary flow and functions. Beta Sitosterol is found in small amounts in common foods like pumpkin seeds, walnuts, avocadoes, soybeans, etc. Super Beta Prostate contains 250 mg of beta Sitosterol along with other phytosterols that help to maintain healthy uro-genital functions. It also has a quality approval seal from

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