How to Kill Cicada Killers

By | May 2, 2018

If you have run into a cicada killer, your first thought was probably, “You have got to be kidding me!” You may have even mistaken it for a small helicopter. In either event, I am sure that you did not stick out your hand and encourage it to land there.

Cicada Killers emerge in the late summer (normally) and have it timed right with the emergence of Cicadas, or if you prefer, locusts. The super-size wasps hunt them down, and paralyze them. Then, they hook-up for take off. Unless you have ever seen a Cicada Killer haul off a Cicada, it is hard to believe, seeing that Cicadas are big to begin with. It is hard to imagine a bug that could catch them, and fly away with it, but that is exactly what happens.

Most folks hate the Killers for two reasons. First, they are very territorial and can be intimidating. Secondly, they make good size burrows in the yard. The mounds they create give you an idea of just how far down they have dug that nest. Usually, you will have several nests in the ground in a particular area of the lawn. Rarely are they spread out unless, you have a severe infestation.

If you have a Cicada Killer infestation, and you want to tackle itself, you are brave. But here is a good word of advice: Treat the nests in the late evening or early morning when they will be less active. I do not recommend attempting to spray the killers themselves since you may get stung. Sprays do not seem to be very effective, unless you practically drown them. However, you may want to use an insecticide dust, or powder, if you prefer. By choosing to use a dust, you will catch the Killer as it comes and goes. Dusts have a longer life than the pest sprays, and there is even one called Delta Dust that is the only completely waterproof dust, so it will not break down with ground moisture. As I mentioned, you want to treat when they are less active, no matter what method you choose. It is advisable to avoid the area after treatment.

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