How To Lose 40lbs In 21 Days By Chukwuemeka Thompson

By | September 20, 2018


Losing 40lbs in 21days does not come by chance or by magic, it can only happen by working hard, individuals who are obese or overweight can lose weight and increase mobility by following a weight loss program. A change in diet, exercise or physical activities and lifestyle will help in losing body weight, you need to know what to eat and what to avoid at a given time to enhance weight loss. Breakfast is also very important in losing weight, eating a well balanced diet in the morning as breakfast will be

Diet is the first thing you need to consider in trying to lose weight, eating a well balanced diet in the morning will help because it helps in keeping you full through the rest of the day. A daily maximum calorie
consumption of 1200 calorie net is recommended for weight loss, of this 1200 calorie, 660 should come from carbohydrates, 180 from protein and 360 from fat. A weight loss diet should contain soluble fiber, fatty fish, coconut oil, proteins, apple cinder vineger and probiotic supplements. Avoid all fats and trans fat, track your food intake and always try intermediate fasting. There are herbs and spices for weight loss that can be used to garnish our food, spices like ginger and garlic when combined will help in intensive weight loss, herbs like green tea or green coffee is also a weight loss herb that can be taken as tea.

Futhermore, exercise helps in weight loss, to lose 40lbs in 21 days, exercise is important, because it helps the body to enhance the efficiency of a diet, and also help to burn down more fat in the body. Intensive exercises helps in weight loss, aerobic exercises like running, cycling, swimming, brisk walking, skipping rope, rowing, hiking, playing tennis, jugling and yoga will help to lose 40lbs in 21 days, geting 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily will help in losing weight, exercise when combined properly with the above mentioned low calorie diet will help in curbing overweight in 21 days. A combination of these two methods will help in total weight loss in 21 days, reduction in caloric intake and exercise will be helpful in weight loss, this formular can`t work for unserious or undedicated individuals who will start for some times and drop somewhere along the line, as I had said earlier, it can only work for individuals who are willing to work hard and lose weight.

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Finally, always try to get plenty of restful sleep, this is because sleeping helps the body system to rest, relax and digest or metabolize stored energy in the food we consumed, getting a 6-8 hours of night sleep will be good for losing weight, also avoid stress and tensions by relaxing with friends and family, go out take a break, leave, socialize and you will be happy and weight less. Your body weight will level off if you are able to practice all of these, losing 40lbs in 3 weeks doesn`t just happen, you work towards it. | Weight-Loss Articles