Humana turns to game theory for new Medicare pricing as insurers juggle Trump rebate uncertainty

By | March 22, 2019

Humana executives say they are modeling a number of scenarios to try to figure out how they’ll price their Medicare drug plans for 2020 as the health insurance industry awaits new pharmacy benefit rebate regulations expected this spring from the Trump administration.

“We see customer preferences changing and being more demanding … ‘make it simple for me, make it easier … know me, personalize the interaction,” said CEO Bruce Broussard.

The company is building out a new digital health hub in Boston, dubbed Studio H. Despite a competitive environment for talent, executives claim they are having no trouble filling technology positions.

“We’re finding we have more demand than we have open jobs right now which is a great problem, we don’t even have to advertise,” said Heather Cox, chief digital health and analytics officer.

The company maintained its earnings outlook of $ 17 to $ 17.50 per share for 2019. Humana shares are down 4.5 percent so far this year.

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