Immune System Facts

By | April 29, 2018
immune system

Your Immune System Explained.

Your immune system is a complex, intricate system made up of cells, organs, proteins and tissues that team up to provide a natural defense to protect you from bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi, which from here on throughout the article will be referred to as germs.

There is literally no way to escape these four villains from coming in contact with your body. What you can do is manage your body in a way that enables it to operate at optimum performance to ward off an invasion.

Immune System Facts – What Causes Problems?

Have you ever wondered when there is some type of “bug” going around why some people “catch it” while others remain healthy and unaffected? When your body is weakened by outside influences, it becomes vulnerable to invasion from germs. Many factors, either by themselves or combined contribute to a weakened system. Some examples of this are:

• Unhealthy Eating Habits – Processed and Fast Food
• Drug Abuse – Including Prescription & Over The Counter Drugs
• Alcohol Abuse
• Lack of Sleep
• Negative Emotions
• Stress
• Environmental Issues

When these factors get “the best” of us, the immune system is an open door to invasion by germs. When we get to this state, we are sure to lose the battle to the outside forces and usually do.

Immune System Facts – What Are The Components?

Cells, tissues, proteins and organs team up to create this amazing defense system.

Cells – White blood cells called lymphocytes are made in your bode marrow. These cells move through the bloodstream to overcome germs before the germs overcome you.

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Proteins – Proteins or antibodies are produced by the immune system to assist in neutralizing toxins produced by some germs.

Lymphatic System – Made up of lymph nodes to trap germs in the spleen which then filters the blood to be free of germs.

Thymus – Made up of lymphatic tissue and promotes the development of antibodies.

Tonsils & Adenoids – These two sample bacteria and germs that enter either the mouth or nose and will become infected themselves rather than allow invasion to the rest of the body.

Appendix – A “safe house” for good bacteria to aide the digestive system.

Peyers Patches – Are follicles in the small intestine that destroy bacteria that could potentially enter the bloodstream.

Fever – A Misunderstood Natural Weapon

Fever is a natural response to a problem within the body. A rise in body temperature can actually kill some germs. An increased body temperature will also begin the body’s process to repair itself. If a fever is a natural response to a problem, why are we told to “get a fever down” before it rises too high?

Immune System Facts – The Results Of A Weakened System

Allergies – The body is reacting to a something harmless as if it were in fact harmful; dust, pollen, animal hair etc.

Autoimmune Diseases – These diseases are defined as diseases where the immune system turns on the body and attacks healthy cells by mistake. Some autoimmune diseases are:

• Graves Disease – an over active thyroid
• Hashimoto Thyroiditis – an under active thyroid
• Lupus
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• HIV/Aids

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Immune System Facts – How to Protect Yourself

• Eat fresh foods, especially fruit and vegetables and avoid processed and fast food.
• Get plenty of sleep consistently.
• Manage stress, think positive and laugh often.
• Breathe plenty of fresh air.
• Drinks purified or bottled water and eliminate soft drinks from your diet.
• Take a natural treatment to boost your immune system to fight off disease before it strikes.

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