India’s Jehangir Clinical Development Centre to join Clinerion’s global network of partner hospitals

By | August 19, 2019

Jehangir Hospital, a 350-bed hospital in Pune, India, along with its research arm Jehangir Clinical Development Centre (JCDC), last week announced that it will join Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform. Clinerion is a global data technology service company headquartered in Switzerland while JCDC has over 60 principal investigators and conducts on average 25-30 clinical studies at any point of time.

The Patient Network Explorer platform helps partner hospitals be visible to pharmaceutical companies seeking suitable patients and sites for their clinical trials. Queries based on trial protocols may be sent to partners to assess the count of eligible patients in their electronic health records. All patient data is de-identified and remains under the control of the hospital and inside its IT infrastructure. 

However, Clinerion’s patented technology also enables authorised trial staff at the hospital to re-identify the patient for the purpose of trial recruitment, while maintaining strict personal data privacy standards.


Earlier this month, Clinerion partnered with Germany’s Dresden International University to offer their Master’s students access to a subset of real-world data from Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform to formulate as evidence in their research. According to Clinerion’s website, their global network of partner hospitals which power their Patient Network Explorer platform is currently at 39. 


“We at JCDC are delighted about partnering with Clinerion as there is an ideal alignment of Clinerion’s innovative technology and our clinical research expertise,” said Pathik Divate, Chief Executive Officer, JCDC. “We are excited about harnessing the power of this technology to leverage our diverse patient population and bring in further efficiency in patient recruitment.”

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“The population of India is significantly under-represented when it comes to participation in clinical research. Patient Network Explorer can cut a path through the forest, leading sponsors to the institutions and clinicians who can support clinical trials at an international level of expertise and facilities. This collaboration with Jehangir is just the first step in enabling a global population of eligible patients which reflects the diversity of the world, itself,” said Ian Rentsch, Chief Executive Officer, Clinerion.

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