Instagram’s Favorite New Fashion Trend Is Belting a Pillow to Yourself, LOL

By | April 7, 2020

Staying home is necessary right now, and everything’s fine, why do you ask? Is it maybe because Instagram’s favorite new fashion trend right now involves people belting a huge pillow to their bodies? Did you imagine a world ever in which that last sentence existed?

In case you can’t picture it, here’s exactly what I mean when I say, again, for the second time, that fashion influencers are belting pillows to themselves and taking pics of said “outfits.”

(Please click/swipe through to the second image of this one above ^, there’s a matching purse!)

This one is even better because there’s a puppy:

Gonna go ahead and say it: This actually looks kinda chic. I love the matching accessories!

Also, we could all use a little levity and this hits all the right notes for the ‘Gram: aesthetically pleasing, still kinda meme-y, dog being cute, etc. So I’m here for it! Grab your largest pillow, any monochrome add-ons that might work with it, and belt your heart out, ppl.

This next thing is not based on any facts whatsoever, but I’m guessing whoever started this trend may have gotten inspired from this old Victor & Rolf couture look, which has also recently made the rounds as a meme during this WFH period.

Anyway, see ya on the other side of this thing, friends!

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