Irish Life Health of the Nation research shows the impact of COVID-19 on people in Ireland

By | July 1, 2020

Irish Life Health has today launched its Health of the Nation research which shows some insights into the impact COVID-19 restrictions have had on the health and wellbeing of people in Ireland.

The research found that although 67% of us feel in control most of the time, more of us are experiencing stress more frequently than before.

The research shows a large focus on mental unrest in day-to-day life, including more people feeling, at least occasionally, anxious, down or depressed, restless, and finding it difficult to turn off in the evenings.

This research was completed in May 2020 with a nationally representative sample of adults, to show how the nation’s mental and physical has changed in a COVID-19 climate.


Comparing 2020 research results to those of 2018, Irish Life Health was able to determine that the national Mental Health Index has weakened with the score dropping from 637 points in 2018 to 609 points in 2020.

The Mental Health Index also unveiled that 13% of us have poor mental health, with those struggling most more likely to be female and younger.

Irish Life Health has worked with Behaviour & Attitudes Research to compare the findings and benchmark data from previous years and the research shows a shift in our mental health and the national psyche.

Commenting on the Health of the Nation research, Liz Rowen, Head of Marketing, Irish Life Health said; “With the Health of the Nation research we’re seeing the challenge that COVID-19 is placing on our mental health and resilience overall.

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“Addressing these concerns is important to us in Irish Life Health as we want to help people lead the healthiest lives they can.

“So, we’ve developed services such as our Healthy Minds programme which gives our customers 24/7 mental health support with professionally trained counsellors and also our MyLife app which is available to every adult across the country to help us all manage our overall health and fitness.


“We’ll continue to learn from this research and use the results to help us to develop additional services to give people the support they need to strengthen their overall resilience and wellbeing.”

The full Health of the Nation research results can be accessed HERE.