Kim Kardashian’s Latest Photo of North and Penelope Is Legit an Optical Illusion

By | April 9, 2019
  • Kim Kardashian posted a photo yesterday of North and Penelope Disick, and it’s practically an optical illusion.
  • You literally won’t be able to unsee this. Seriously.

    Yesterday, Kim Kardashian posted a super adorable photo of her and Kourtney Kardashian with Penelope and North at school, and while most people were busy admiring the fact that Penelope wore Gucci loafers, someone in the comments pointed out a very important illusion.

    In the wise words of the commenter, “That’s Chicago’s feet??” And at first, it’s like, wait, what? But upon closer examination, as the person aptly observed, there seems to be something going on with Kim’s lap.

    If you look at the picture above, there’s something white under North’s butt that looks freakishly like a foot. FREAKISHLY. You can’t unsee it. And now I can’t stop thinking about Chicago totally being smushed by North, legit falling onto the ground as Kim poses. That’s absolutely not what’s happening here, but it’s a funny image nonetheless.

    Other possible (more logical) explanations include: The white thing in question is actually a stuffed animal of North’s, which makes sense because it could be a bunny foot or teddy bear foot or it’s part of a jacket that just so happens to look like a foot.


    Instagram @KimKardashian

    It definitely doesn’t look like a Photoshop fail, though, which the Kardashians are pretty familiar with. Just yesterday, Khloé Kardashian posted a photo of her from Diana Ross’ birthday party and people quickly noticed that she really truly had 14 fingers in the photo. You can check that out right over this way.

    But circling back to North and P: Kim, please PLEASE PLEASE let us know what’s happening here. The people need to know. What is that white object?!

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