Legal battle over Florida’s giant avocados may soon be resolved

By | November 25, 2018

The guacamole is flying!

Two avocado growers fighting over the right to produce giant versions of the fruits may finally see an end to their legal woes.

The Carla avocado variety, weighing two pounds and five inches long, was patented in 2004 by the Dominican produce company Aiosa, according to a Buzzfeed news report.

The unique fruit was apparently found on an Aiosa farm in 1994. In addition to being five times the size of the usual guac green, these avocados have a longer harvest period, making them better for consumers and growers.

The Aiosa farm accused Florida-based growers Fresh Directions of grafting their trees and creating clones. This month, a mediation was scheduled for March 2019.

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