Man’s sickening bathroom find

By | December 12, 2019

A Thai man has shared sickening photos of an almost 10 metre long wriggling tapeworm he pulled from his backside while on the toilet.

Kritsada Ratprachoom, 44, from Udon Thani in Thailand’s north east, felt something “sticking out of his bottom” and moving when he was on the toilet, according to The Sun.

The freelance photographer thought the parasite was a piece of string from surgery he’d had earlier in the year.

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But as he pulled it, he felt it was “tough, straight” and “rubbery” and could be stretched out, before it shrunk back.

Video shot by Mr Ratprachoom shows the worm flex and wriggle as it sat on the cistern of his toilet. He said after taking photos of it he flushed it down the toilet.

A local nurse told him she was shocked by the discovery, and had never seen a tapeworm like it.

He told local publication Khaosod that in the days before he made the shocking discovery, he’d suffered a bout of stomach upset despite following his usual diet.

Tapeworms are flat worm-like parasites that can live in the human gut if their eggs are swallowed.

They can be treated simply with a single prescription tablet.

If untreated, the tapeworms can grow to lengths of up to 16 metres inside the gut, causing abdominal symptoms including pain, vomiting, diarrhoea and unexplained changes in weight. The worm can also travel to other organs including the liver or brain.

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