Memory Book Activities for the Entire Year

By | January 19, 2020
Memory Book Activities for the Entire Year
Memory Book Activities for the Entire Year

Memory Book Activities for the Entire Year : As your kid grows up, you can easily forget all the cute and funny moments he had. These moments are not only unique to your baby but also you and his siblings. What makes them priceless is that they’ll never be repeated, and no two moments are alike. A baby memory book helps to record these moments to reflect on later.

Memory Book Ideas

Documenting special moments of your little one is an excellent way to reflect on what brought you joy in the early years of your child. The following ideas are not only creative, but they can transform any ordinary memory book into fantastic work:

Record Your Favorite Messages

One of the best memory book ideas is to begin by saving some of your personal messages. When you announce your pregnancy, family and close associates send congratulatory messages. Save Facebook posts, take screenshots of other social media messages, and make a scrapbook pocket to hold these memories.

Babies First Years

Babies grow fast, one day; your kid can’t sit without support, and the next he is running all over the house. The best way to avoid wondering where the time went and trying to remember what happened is to create a book of the babies’ first years.

Include your baby’s milestones, so many things happen during the first year. For instance, you can take pictures of your baby’s first smile. The infant might keep you awake, but in the second month, you will start noticing his smile. Your baby starts to laugh at four months, and you can record it. Other milestones to include are sitting up without support, crawling, first teeth, and the first time he stands and starts walking.

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Record Your Journey

Create memories with your family
Create memories with your family

When you want to create memories a month before the birth of your baby, you ought to know how to make a baby memory book. You might even want to create your whole pregnancy journey.

You can record your pregnancy weight throughout the months. Include your prenatal workouts, such as yoga and meditation. To make the best baby memory book more enjoyable, including baby clothes and gear you bought. Record what you did each month.

Consider Keepsakes

At the end of the year, your baby memory book will be full of beautiful memories; however, most people forget to include keepsakes. These make the book more exciting and unique. Your kid’s hospital wristband is an individual item that you should add in the book. Your kid will be amazed by this someday.

Other things to consider are a lock of the infant’s hair. When you give your baby his first haircut, keep a lock and store it. Include a fabric from his favorite blanket and clothes. It would also be helpful to save the kid’s birthday cards for him to read when he’s older. Some parents also include umbilical cords, footprints, and handprints.

Major Events

Record all the significant events for your baby to understand what happened the year he was born. Include these at the end of the years to avoid interfering with other memories.

Creativity makes this activity interesting; for instance, in a baby memory book for boys, you can include all the achievements made by boys and men in that year. For a baby memory book for girls, include powerful women in the society who were born on her birthday.

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Include Baby Names You Almost Chose

Pregnancy is an exciting journey as you buy baby clothes, gear, and decide what to name your baby. Most parents want a unique name with a beautiful meaning. Remember reading books to come up with the perfect name? Include all the names you rejected, starting with the one you considered most. It will excite your kid to know what you almost named him. It will also provide a reservoir of names when you have another kid.


Documenting your baby’s first years is necessary because you can easily forget what happened. Having a baby memory book is better than telling stories. Your kid can go through the memories and create his own feelings and perceptions about events rather than relying on yours. Including unique items like baby hospital wristbands, baby loss, and clothes helps the kid relate more with the events.

What else do you think people forget to include in baby memory books? Please leave a comment.

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Memory Book Activities for the Entire Year

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