Mental Health an Emerging Crisis of COVID Pandemic

By | May 9, 2020

Jonathan Porteus, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist and CEO of WellSpace Health, Sacramento, CA.

Lan Nguyen, MA, suicide and crisis services program manager, Santa Clara County Suicide and Crisis Services, California.

Heather Aston, LMFT, program manager, San Diego Access and Crisis Line, California.

Lauren Ochs, MA, counselor, Provident Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline, St. Louis.

Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health: “The Coronavirus Pandemic.”

Well Being Trust: “Covid pandemic could lead to 75,000 additional deaths.”

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Journal of the American Medical Association: “The Mental Health Consequences of COVID-19 and Physical Distancing.”

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WebMD poll of 3,101 readers, May 3-4, 2020.


WebMD Health

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