Modern Man – What Women Want in a Man

By | April 19, 2018

If you are having trouble getting a woman you want and you are wondering what women want in a man than these tips can help you.

Women want a man that is confident in himself. In other words, women want a man that can handle stressful situations by taking the bull by the horns and putting things under control. He needs to be self assured and not wimp out.

Another tip on what women want in a man is for the man to be a provider. Sure it would be great if we could all be rich and rolling in money, but this is not the case. If you do have money your chances of getting a beautiful woman dramatically increases. A lot of women would rather have a successful provider than an extremely handsome man. To a woman feeling secure is much more important than having a hot guy. After all, as they say looks fade but your personality and bank account (hopefully) is still there. Women are born to want a man to be able to financially take care of their children. She knows that the more money you have, the more able you are to provide for the children’s education, hobbies of interest and sports.

What do women want a bad guy or a good guy? It may seem to you that most women want a bad guy. This is not the case. Women are attracted to those that seem like “bad guys” as they take more risks, have more confidence or at least they act like they do. Bad guys are more challenging to a woman which will keep her interested in him. You do not need to be a bad guy, you just need to exhibit characteristics in your persona that a bad guy has. Such as:

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Do not be wimpy. Show her you have confidence. When you are having a conversation with a woman do not apologize for everything you say and/or do.

Treat your woman right but share your opinions and take turns on going out on dates with her suggestions as well as your suggestions. Women want a man that can stand up for himself and be decisive. A woman will become very bored if she is always the one doing the planning and you are a “yes” man. In other words, she does not want a man that will agree to her every word and whim. Give her the challenge that she needs.

Women want a man that will show a little romance now and again. This does not mean you have to spend a fortune and buy her a diamond necklace, although she would love that; this means that you can do little nice things for her. Plan a romantic dinner for two with candles and soft music. She will appreciate you cooking for her or ordering out so she does not have to do any of the work after a long hard day.

If you are lacking some of these qualities, you can slowly practice and add these traits into your personality to give women what they want.

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