Mountain Dew Just Unveiled a Body Wash That Smells Exactly Like the Soda

By | December 20, 2019

Have your Mountain Dew and bathe in it, too? The beloved soda is making its way into your shower with the new Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast.

It sounds like a product that only exists in fantasy—and it was, for a while. Two years ago, Reddit user u/Woopdeedo posted a photoshopped picture of “MTN Dew Bodywash Blast.” It was shown next to Doritos Nacho Cheese Moisturizing Face Wash, which is a whole other story. As you’d expect, people were quick to comment how gross and/or genius the body wash was, and one even asked, “Is it weird that I want these to be a real thing?” Well, good news, u/thsuk.

While we know the flavors of varieties like Maui Burst and VooDew, the original Mountain Dew flavor is super secretive. It’s unlike any other soda on the market, so it’s no wonder people are committed to the sip. So only the people behind Mountain Dew (the drink) can make Mountain Dew (the scented soap), right?


Kayla Ramsey

“The image was shared across social media, and many of our fans said the same thing: Make. It. Happen.” the Mountain Dew team wrote in a note to Best Products. “So we did. Who are we to deny DEW nation?”

The limited-edition MTN DEW Body Wash Blast comes in an 8-ounce bottle with “intense citrus” and “bold kick ass confidence” written on it. It comes out clear, so you wouldn’t know that it’s an unconventional scent just by looking at it.

In the name of journalism, I had three of my co-workers blindly smell the body wash and tell me what they thought it smelled like. One said eucalyptus, another said pink lemonade, and the last instantly said margarita. But they all agreed that there was a citrusy smell, and two out of three said they would use it. Personally—and I knew what the bottle was filled with, of course — I think that it smells just like Mountain Dew, and that makes sense since a PR rep confirmed that actual Mountain Dew is an actual ingredient in the body wash.

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The bad news here is that the MTN DEW Body Wash Blast is not available for purchase. Only 250 bottles were made and sent to friends of the brand. But you never know: Maybe a high response and positive reaction to wanting to try the body wash will have it hitting shelves or online in the future.

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