Natural Breast Enlargement Massage Techniques

By | August 26, 2018

Each year, many women have their breasts surgically enhanced to increase their cup sizes. In addition to surgical intervention, there are other things a woman can do to enlarge her breasts. The natural enlargement techniques can be performed in a massage setting. 

What is a natural breast enlargement massage? 

The massage is performed to stimulate the circulation in the breasts. It facilitates the removal of toxins concentrated in the breasts. The process focuses instead of the circumference of the breasts. Breast massages are designed to promote breast growth and improve the firmness of the bust area. 

What natural breast enlargement message techniques can be performed? 

One method involves using one hand to massage the breast and the thumb is always pointed in an outward direction. The fingers should be pointed downward at all times. Pressure is applied to the breasts and the breasts are rubbed in a circular motion. The massaging action should naturally follow the contours of the breasts. The opposite hand is used to keep the breast in place as the massage is performed. The positioning hand is used to form a cup around the breasts. The massage should always be started in the very center of the breast. 

Another method involves massaging both simultaneously. A similar kneading method is required to complete the massage. The breasts are pushed together and the hands are moving the breasts around in a deliberate, slow motion. The entire breasts are moved simultaneously to create a full rotation at a slow pace. 

Making these breast enhancement techniques work 

The process is designed to stimulate breast growth and stimulate the blood flow throughout the breast. In order to get the results, the massages must be performed regularly to the body. The stimulating massage should be performed a minimum of twice per day for at least five minutes at a time. It is ideal for the massage to be performed to the skin when it is still wet and the tissues are still tender. Performing these massages with clothing can interfere with the process and make it harder to properly manipulate the breasts. Use of a kneading method in a circular motion improves the massage process. The massage should never be painful while it is performed. 

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These natural breast enlargement techniques can really produce results in some women. If performed regularly, the person may be able to see a difference in cup size in time. Some people combine these techniques with special creams that may help maintain the firmness of the breasts. The techniques can improve firmness in the breasts and alert a woman to lumps and other changes in the breasts they may warrant a visit to the local doctor’s office.

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