One in four men feel like ‘failures’

By | February 27, 2019

One in four men believe they are ‘failing’ in life and under too much pressure from others to be successful, a survey has found.

Researchers asked 1500 man about their goals and aspirations. More than half (53 per cent) think they are underachieving, with 35 per cent saying they are ‘way behind’ with their career goals.

One in five said they felt constant pressure from their partners to be successful and nearly one in 10 felt it from their children.

Some 28 per cent said they could not help but feel like a failure all of the time.


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The poll by found that money issues were the biggest anxiety (35 per cent), followed by health concerns (19 per cent) and worrying what people thought of them (14 per cent).

Four in 10 said they had sought help for anxiety.

The website’s Matt Haycox said the poll “highlights the pressure that many men are under”.

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