Pet Arthritis

By | March 8, 2018

There are signs and symptoms in your pets behavior that you can look for to determine if he has pet arthritis, so that you can take appropriate action.

You may notice that your pet does not move like he used to. Movements may be stiff and awkward. You may notice a very limited range of motion in some joints. Limping is always a good clue that he has joint problems.

Pain is one of the most noticeable symptoms of pet arthritis and the most frustrating for pet owners, since your pet can not tell you where they are hurting.

The pain can can be mild, moderate or deep throbbing. Early stages minor pain is what normally occurs after the joint is used and usually disappears when your pet rests. As times goes on, any movement of the joint causes a sharp pain, and could possibly interrupt sleep. If you notice restlessness in your pet, it could be an indicator.

Along with the pain comes hesitancy in walking or may hold that limb in a certain position. Your pet may whimper or flinch when certain parts of his body are touched. He may resist being picked up.

Grouchiness is another clue to look for. If your pet is in pain, he probably feels vulnerable around other animals or while he is being picked up.

Depression is a sign of pet arthritis symptom. If your pet fails to greet you at the door when you get home, he could be in pain. He may have a sad look in his eyes, or refuse to play with his favorite toy.

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You also may notice a loss in appetite. Your pet may turn down his favorite food, or he may not eat for a couple of days. This is a cause for concern, and it would be a good idea to visit your vet.

Abnormal urination could also be an indication that you pet has arthritis. Your pet may start peeing in the house when they have never done this before in the past. The reason they do this is because it is too painful to go outside or if you have a cat, use the litter box. Abnormal urination could also be an indicator or another disease, not just pet arthritis. It is recommended that you go see your vet.

Abnormal sleeping patterns could also be an indication. If your pet is sleeping long hours, it could be arthritis. Pets do this because less activity means less pain.

If you suspect that your pet is in pain, the best way to know for sure is and determine what treatment is necessary, is to visit your veterinarian.

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