Pia Miller, Australian Actor & Model Reveals Daily Wellness Routine

By | April 16, 2019

Meet Pia Miller, the Aussie beauty that radiates wellness from the inside out.

So much so… you can’t help but instantly want to know how to get her glow.

As an Australian actress, model and television presenter, it’s safe to say Pia Miller knows a thing or two about maintaining a camera ready look at all times. But what you might not expect, is that she’s also a down to earth beach babe who is most happy in minimal (or sans) make up, and opts for a low key look whenever she has the chance.

Pia Miller

Image: @pia

Just take a look at her Instagram and you’ll find between sun baking at the beach, getting her sweat on, drinking coffee and spending time with her two sons, Pia not only lives a healthy life that is all about balance (read: real life attainable…yep, she eats burritos just like us) but she seems like the kind of gal you could easily call on for yoga, brunch and a sneaky margarita with on the weekend.

So of course we naturally want to learn every secret behind her laid back allure. We asked the 35 year old Aussie beauty and mother of two to share with Sporteluxe the regime behind her radiant Bondi glow and beach ready bod.

Pia Miller

Image: @pia

What does your morning routine look like?

“I like to start with a 10 minute meditation session because it keeps me grounded and it’s a great way to start the day! I then start my morning beauty ritual — which involves curling my lashes every morning without fail and applying SPF, a light concealer and maybe bronzer — I like to keep it super natural. I then will wash my hair and let it dry naturally or when I have more time I’ll go over it with a curler to give it a slight bend and comb it through for that beachy wave look.”

Pia Miller

Image: @pia

What are the top beauty products you couldn’t live without?

1. Pantene Pro-V Micellar Shampoo and Conditioner – “I use the Pantene Micellar range every second or third day to wash and nourish my hair.”

2. RMS uncover up – “a non-toxic concealer that covers under my eyes and on any spots.

3. MAC Eyeliner – “in coffee.”

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4. Macabalm – “to both nourish my lips and give a little extra glow to my cheekbones.”

5. Vaia Beauty Products – “I cleanse and moisturise with all of her beautiful products. They are all natural and free from nasties, which I love.”

When it comes to workouts, what’s your go-to?

“It can all be dependent on my schedule as it changes from week to week so unfortunately, I don’t have the flexibility to keep a regular fitness routine. But when I do train, I like to do at least one personal training session, 1 hr training at Fitness First gym and one yoga class a week — either a yin (softer class) or something more intensive on other days. On the days where I can’t make it to any classes then I opt for a swim, coastal walk or at-home yoga.”

Pia Miller

Image: @pia

What does a day on your plate typically look like?

“A healthy and balanced diet is super important for my general wellbeing. I like to keep my diet as wholesome as I can because I find it helps my hair, skin and overall mental and physical health when I eat well.”

Pia Miller

Image: @pia

Pre Breakfast:  “I start the morning with a celery juice. I will have it first thing when I wake up and usually wait an hour or so before having my breakfast.”

Breakfast – “A berry smoothie, avo on toast or in winter I love a bowl of oats with banana and berries. I also LOVE coffee so you’ll always see me with a coffee in the morning.”

Lunch: “A salad with protein.”

Snack: “A cold-pressed juice, a handful of nuts, piece of fruit and potentially another coffee.”

Dinner: “I like to feed my boys a hearty meal and I really love cooking so its generally either pasta of some sort (or lasagne), salmon or chicken with vegetables or Mexican, style burritos or tacos.”

Treats: “Occasionally I do treat myself to chocolate or a glass of wine.”

What’s your favourite way to unwind after a stressful day?

I love music so often I will listen to a good album, podcast, meditation or do yoga. Getting on my yoga mat at home is one of my favourite ways to unwind. I also love to do a little pamper session each week with my favourite face mask and hair products.”

Pia Miller

Image: @pia

When it comes to self-care, do you have any tools you use to use?

“I believe self-care is so important. Guided meditation apps are my go-to — I love Headspace and Insight Timer.  I find meditation helps me unwind, followed closely by taking 15 minutes to sit down with a face mask, washing my hair or spending time on my yoga mat.”

Pia Miller

Image: @pia

If you could do anything on a Sunday, how would you spend it?

“For me, low-key Sunday’s at home with my boys is the best! Between working and being a mother it can be hard to find those in-between moments, so spending time with my family is by far the best way to spend any lazy day.”


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