Promise of ‘Fairer’ Vaginas Popularises Vaginal Bleaching or Lightning As a Dubious New Beauty Trend

By | November 27, 2018
Promise of ‘Fairer’ Vaginas Popularises Vaginal Bleaching or Lightning As a Dubious New Beauty Trend

Vaginal whitening. (Photo Credit: Pexels)

If you were already done with all the weird vagina stories like that of vaginal glitter, vaginal jade eggs, we are sorry but now there’s something called vaginal bleaching also called vaginal lightening. This new trend is becoming very popular. This treatment is done to enhance the appearance of the vagina, and the number of women getting this treatment done is only growing. While experts always ask you to leave your vagina alone, treatments like these keep surfacing. We have seen vaginal facial, douching and now this.

This latest treatment includes women undergoing laser procedures to change the colour (read lighten the colour) of the vagina (the external female genitals.) This may consist of the parts of the vagina like the clitoris, labia, and urethra. Various clinics in the UK offer to lighten and brighten your vagina claiming to make it look more beautiful which is insane! The lighten the dark coloured areas in the vagina and claiming to make it look more ‘youthful.’ Model Chrissy Teigen Shares Photo of Her Vaginal Steaming: What Is It & Is It Safe?

However, it is not just this treatment, and there are legit creams, gels and other products available in the market to help lighten the complexion of the vagina. There are various procedures, often even surgical that can reshape your vagina that can make your genitalia ‘appear more attractive.’ We are unfortunately living in a world that is making money out of people’s insecurities about how they look!

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We have spoken to many experts about this, and they have always said that your vagina is meant to be the way it is with an amazing cleaning system of its own. No external products or treatment is going to help and in fact, may put you at risk of various infections. Toxins-laced products are only going to do more harm than good to your private parts.

Moreover, experts have always said that vaginas come in different shape and sizes and only if you see a sudden change in the way your vagina looks or behaves, only then you must visit a gynaecologist in the first place.

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