Queensland women practiced self-abortion much earlier than now! By Estella Clayes

By | October 16, 2018

A recent data from a pro-choice counseling service revealed that Queensland women have been attempting for abortions in last five years, on their own. The service institution which offers to counsel stated the number has been as large as 100 in recent years.

In the midst of Queensland proposing to decriminalize abortion, it still remains an offense for the women and doctors. Nevertheless, the laws passed in the year 1899 are still being followed.

Though Queensland practices abortion, still the acts are termed as “criminal”. This is severely interrupting women access, gradually increasing cost and time constraints. The first half of 2018 served around 60 women who flew to interstate areas for procedures which Queensland never offered in public hospitals, despite abortion being maintained. These women were basically from Cairns and were verged of abortion procedures, as reported by a daily.

One such counseling service says the average distance traveled by a woman happened to be more than 100km. Consequently, one woman even expressed to traveled around 2000km on a whole for the abortion procedure. Self-abortion in the advent of 5 years have been practiced with over 119 women who encountered same or more drastic issues relating to travel and time.

Hospitals are even accused of turning some women away, although abortion being in practice. Furthermore, these women are in the process of dealing a previously held domestic violence and find it increasingly difficult to deal with rejected services. Henceforth, the only option for them is a self-abortion process.

Cases are such of a woman who had sought help after a domestic violence and was denied surgical abortion by a local hospital. Additionally, the doctor in charge even gave a misled information which eventually prevented her from getting a private termination facility.

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Similar was the case of a Rockhampton woman who attempted suicide after a denial for accessing a proper abortion procedure.

Notwithstanding to the state of chaos, some anti-choice groups further stated about laws, not being needed in the state. The reason is stated as the abortions are already being performed.

As such senators of The Liberal National party, Matt Canavan and Amanda Stroker did further speak in opposition to the laws, in Brisbane.

Currently, MPs of all parties are to be allowed for a conscience vote on the legislation. This would be put into the parliament before the end of 2018.

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