Ramadan 2019 Timetable of Kolkata: Check Iftar & Sehri Timing & Schedule in West Bengal Capital

By | May 4, 2019
Ramadan 2019 Timetable of Kolkata: Check Iftar & Sehri Timing & Schedule in West Bengal Capital

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Ramazan, also known as Ramadan, is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and it is observed by Muslims around the world as a month of fasting (Sawm) to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. Ramazan is regarded as one of the five pillars of Islam. The Ramadan month lasts for 29 to 30 days based on the sighting of the crescent moon. Believers of the Islamic faith in the country are no different, and they will also be abstaining from food and water between dawn to dusk throughout this month. Ramadan 2019 India Date: When Will Ramzan Begin And Eid al-Fitr Be Celebrated?

In India, the Islamic holy month will begin either on Sunday or Monday after the moon is sighted in New Delhi and Lucknow. If the moon is sighted on May 5, the holy month of Ramadan will commence from Monday. It means that first Roza (fast) will be observed on May 6. If the moon is sighted on Monday, Ramazan will being from Tuesday i.e. May 7. Ramadan Mubarak Shayari 2019: Ramzan Messages, Image Greetings And Wishes to Send During The Upcoming Muslims Festive Season.

Here are Sehri and Iftar timings of Kolkata in India. The Sehri and Iftar timings are dependent on sunrise and sunset, and they vary every day. The dates are given according to the Islamic month and Gregorian calendar.

Ramzan 2019 Timetable: Iftar & Sehri Timings in Kolkata, India:

ROZADATESEHRIFTAR1Sun 06 May03:40 AM6:06 PM2Mon 07 May03:39 AM6:07 PM3Tue 08 May03:38 AM6:07 PM4Wed 09 May03:37 AM6:08 PM5Thu 10 May03:37 AM6:08 PM6Fri 11 May03:36 AM6:09 PM7Sat 12 May03:35 AM6:09 PM8Sun 13 May03:35 AM6:10 PM9Mon 14 May03:34 AM6:10 PM10Tue 15 May03:33 AM6:11 PM11Wed 16 May03:33 AM6:11 PM12Thu 17 May03:32 AM6:11 PM13Fri 18 May03:31 AM6:12 PM14Sat 19 May03:31 AM6:12 PM15Sun 20 May03:30 AM6:13 PM16Mon 21 May03:30 AM6:13 PM17Tue 22 May03:29 AM6:14 PM18Wed 23 May03:29 AM6:14 PM19Thu 24 May03:28 AM6:15 PM20Fri 25 May03:28 AM6:15 PM21Sat 26 May03:28 AM6:16 PM22Sun 27 May03:27 AM6:16 PM23Mon 28 May03:27 AM6:16 PM24Tue 29 May03:26 AM6:17 PM25Wed 30 May03:26 AM6:17 PM26Thu 31 May03:26 AM6:18 PM27Fri 01 June03:26 AM6:18 PM28Sat 02 June03:25 AM6:19 PM29Sun 03 June03:25 AM6:19 PM30Mon 04 June03:25 AM6:19 PM
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The Ramadan timings of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Other Cities in India can be checked here. The observance which will last for 29-30 days will end on June 4, Tuesday. Eid or Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated in the first week of June 2019.

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