Remodeling Ideas for a Healthier Kitchen

By | January 22, 2019
Remodeling Ideas for a Healthier Kitchen

There’s a reason that the kitchen is one of the most common rooms remodeled in a home. Designed for making meals and family togetherness, the kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms in the home – and one of the quickest to give way to wear and tear. As time goes on homeowners revamp the kitchen to improve functionality.

Serving as the heart of the home and the mecca for maintaining a healthy diet, upgrading your kitchen should be more than just choosing a cool backsplash and a fresh coat of paint. It should be about making renovations that will enhance its function and improve your well-being. Below, are a few upgrades you can look into to make your kitchen healthier.

Increase Storage Space

Walking into a cluttered space does nothing to encourage you to make nutritious meals or snacks. When there’s not enough storage in the kitchen areas like the island, countertops, tables, and prep areas become occupied quickly persuading you to grab   unhealthy or order takeout.

Increased storage space whether it’s outdoor kitchen cabinets for your backyard or new cabinets for your main kitchen can give the space a whole new look. Once organized, you have space to prepare your meals and also have an easier time figuring out what items you have on hand and which you don’t. This can inspire creative recipes, snack ideas, and encourage healthier eating.

Invest in Appliances for Easier Cooking

Remodeling Ideas for a Healthier Kitchen

When you’re on a tight schedule cooking can become a time-consuming task in an outdated kitchen. If too much time has to be sacrificed, it can be tempting to resort to quick fixes like eating out or making quick meals which are often processed, high in sodium, fat, and other unhealthy ingredients. To ease your frustrations in the kitchen and start incorporating more healthy eating into your household, you should invest in appliances that can make cooking a lot easier.

  • Upgrade your stove -Older stoves are small, hard to clean, and inconvenient. Getting a new electric or gas kitchen stove with double ovens, digital temperature controls, and other features make it easy for you to prepare meals for any occasion.
Remodeling Ideas for a Healthier Kitchen
  • Slow cooker, Rice Cooker,  – Sometimes you just want a hearty meal but the time it takes to prepare things like soup, chili, stew, and other dishes is too long. Slow cookers make meals easier to prepare and so much more. Prep your meats, veggies, and broths the night before, throw them in the slow cooker, set it for the appropriate time, and you’ll have a beautifully made dinner in no time.
  • Indoor Grill – When the weather is bad you can’t utilize your outdoor kitchen or grill, having an indoor grill is perfect. Though it may not have the wood or charcoal-burning smell or taste to it, it’s a lot healthier and faster than other methods of preparing dishes. Easy clean-up and ideal for everything from salmon and chicken to   steaks, you’ll have a blast creating meals on an appliance such as this.
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With diet being at the top of the list for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a kitchen upgrade could do wonders for you and your loved ones. Though style and decor must be considered, don’t forget to keep things like cleanliness, storage space, and convenience in mind. The more spacious, organized, and convenient your kitchen is, the more inclined you are to want to make healthy meals that feed the soul and nourish the body.

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