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By | October 12, 2018


In general, physiotherapy aims to help improve and restore a patient’s strength, motion and function. However, sports physio requires a different approach. This is because athletes demand more from their bodies. Often, athletes push their joints and muscles far beyond what is typical in everyday life. As a result, sports physios need to adopt a more comprehensive and intense approach to restore athletes to their peak performance.
Sports physiotherapists work with athletes and sports players to assist with recovery, rehabilitate injuries and to help them perform at their best. Sports physio is suitable for those playing recreational sport as well as all the way up to professional athletes. Sports physiotherapists can provide advice on how to avoid injuries and to treat existing problems.
Sports physios in Perth typically consult from a private practice; however, they can also be seen working with sporting teams and organisations. They may also be available in hospitals. Sports physios are highly qualified with post graduate training. They have a thorough understanding of the structural, physical and physiological aspects of movement and the human form.

Sports Physiotherapy Can Include:
Joint mobilisation: This is used to improve a joint’s range of motion and reduce pain or stiffness. It involves small, oscillating movements to a joint performed by a physiotherapist.
Dry needling: This involves inserting needles into tight muscles to reduce tension and is similar to acupuncture.
Massage: Sports massage is tailored specifically with an understanding of the stress and demands athletes put on the body. Sports massage aims to improve function and performance using deep tissue work, cross fibre techniques and trigger point therapy.
Injury prevention and rehabilitation: Injury prevention aims to reduce both the risk of injuries and the severity of existing sports injuries. This is done through the risk assessment and screening of sports players. An example of this is a selective functional movement assessment, a detailed assessment by a suitably trained physiotherapist to screen for potential movement dysfunction and causes for pain. Rehabilitation also aims to improve overall function whilst providing the best possible outcome to assist the athlete in returning to sport.
Sports physiotherapy can also include other services such as soft tissue techniques, protection of the joints and tissues, correcting movement problems and assisting with recovery after training or competition.

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The Benefits of Sports Physio
Athletes put a lot of demand and stress on their body. This may put extra pressure on an athlete’s joints, bones and muscles. Because sports injuries are different to everyday injuries, sports physios can provide the specialised treatment needed to help athletes recover and maintain strength.
Sports physios can assist with a range of musculoskeletal issues. A physiotherapist can provide exercises to improve an athlete’s strength, endurance, range of motion and speed. While also helping to reduce any swelling or pain. Sports physiotherapy not only promotes faster recovery, but it can also help to prevent any future injuries.
Sports physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to relieve pain, improve movement, restore function and prevent future injuries. Sports physios can treat many conditions including:
Soft tissue injuries
Knee injuries
Ligament tears
Tendon pain
Overuse injuries
And much more

Contacting a physiotherapist in Como immediately after a sports injury can significantly improve the treatment outcome. A qualified physiotherapist will assess the seriousness of the injury and develop a plan to provide the best possible outcome; whether it’s to return to recreational sport or professional athletes recovering from competition. | Health & Fitness Articles