Suspended doctor tipped to seek ‘revenge’

By | June 28, 2019

His comments were so “abhorrent” they prompted the dramatic step of the Medical Board of Australia suspending his registration indefinitely.

Now there are fears Christopher Kwan Chen Lee — a self-described “mongrel doctor” — could resurface again online to seek revenge on those who helped tear his reputation to shreds. first revealed in April the Victorian doctor had been suspended for six weeks after being caught behaving badly online, saying one woman deserved to be “repeatedly raped”.

Earlier this month the board announced it was striking Dr Lee’s medical registration indefinitely to “maintain confidence in the medical profession”.

The initial suspension period was to end on June 11. It came after a petition calling for Dr Lee’s licence to be revoked gained more than 5000 signatures.

The petition was started by Justine Brooks, chief executive of Laurel House, a sexual assault support service in Tasmania.

“I find these comments from a registered doctor to be outrageous and unacceptable, and I feel compelled to challenge Dr Lee’s right to practice medicine in Australia,” Ms Brooks wrote.

But remnants of Dr Lee’s online identity still exist on Hardware Zone, the Singaporean web forum he was initially caught behaving badly on.

Even after Dr Lee received notice he was being investigated for “foul-mouthed” comments he made on the site, he returned again on December 2, 2017. Referencing an article about an Egyptian lawyer who was sentenced to three years in prison for saying women who wore ripped jeans should be raped in punishment, he wrote: “I’m surprised they didn’t give him a medal instead.”

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In a profile created for social media site WikiDot, he described himself as a “mongrel doctor who claims to know all manner of sh*t on earth”.

He also wrote of himself: “It is rumored (sic) that his hospital in Australia has the highest casualties in the world due to him not attending to his dying patients.”

His WikiDot page has now been defaced with more vulgar content from other users.

In a thread conversation that goes for 250 pages about a poll that asked whether Dr Lee was going to lose his job, more than half voted yes.

But one Hardware Zone member’s post warned: “He will be back for revenge, gentleman revenge”.

Another wrote: “With his revengeful attitude, rest assured he will be back with a clone.”

A comment posted just this week by user CanIsayNo said: “His case should be put into textbooks for cyber wellness that kids in schools learn today. What not to do and how not to act.”

The 31-year-old was working for the Tasmanian Health Service in Hobart when he made the first of a series of “offensive” statements and also posted pictures in uniform.

When the Health Practitioners Tribunal found him guilty of professional misconduct earlier this year he was working for Eastern Health in Box Hill.

The tribunal’s hearing into Dr Lee’s case revealed he had also been cautioned by the medical board on July 23 last year related to “his inappropriate access of a patient’s hospital records”.

He accessed Royal Hobart Hospital patient records on 21 occasions between July 2015 and December 2016, which was determined “inappropriate because it was done without consent or clinical need”.

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The tribunal also detailed a series of comments made in 2016 where Dr Lee wrote: “I can just as easily condemn your mother for a whore (if the situation warranted it) as I can save your life or even hers.

“You really ought to meet me in real life. My online personality is exactly the same as my offline one. I don’t just talk big here. I talk big EVERYWHERE.”

Dr Lee was accompanied at the hearing by his former supervisor, Dr Jay Weeraratne, with whom he worked closely as a registrar in Latrobe Regional Hospital’s emergency department in 2018 and 2019.

Dr Weeraratne remains Director of Emergency Training at the hospital part-time.

A spokeswoman for Latrobe Regional Hospital told because Dr Lee was no longer employed at the facility when his hearing went before the Medical Board, there were no internal investigations in relation to the case.

“However, the Board’s findings did prompt a review of employment and workforce protocols and principles,” she said.

“LRH is satisfied its systems are robust and the correct procedures were followed leading up to the employment of Christopher Lee as part of a 12-month medical rotation.

“LRH does not condone the behaviour of Christopher Lee — his social media posts were abhorrent.”

An Eastern Health spokeswoman told Dr Lee was no longer employed by the organisation.

“As an organisation, we respect the rights, privacy and interests of all parties in this matter and will not be providing further comment on Dr Lee,” she said.

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