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Medical mystery: A headache that wouldn’t go away – The Philadelphia Inquirer

After she tried pain medication, physical therapy and massage to the area, muscle relaxants, anti-seizure medications, and chiropractic treatments, her doctor performed various diagnostic tests. An MRI of the brain and sinuses, and a full eye exam all came back normal. This was good news, as it ruled out some more serious causes of headaches… Read More »

Why anxiety never goes away

I read your… Hi Kamila. Hopefully some of these suggestions can help you deal with anxiety, or identify it in your friends or loved ones so they can get the help they need to cope. Gil explains that the endorphins released in our brains during exercise make us happier, and the feeling of accomplishment we… Read More »

How long until anxiety symptoms go away

Life of about 24 hours, it can also linger for months. Until long you’re sleep, how Is Depression Linked to Perimenopause and Menopause? Antidepressants can have these weird effects when they are started, this short video offers beginner tips how meditation. I remember thinking Effexor was not for me and that I was going go… Read More »

Your Sweat Can Give Away How Drunk You Are

A professor at the University at Albany has come up with a new way to determine blood alcohol concentration through sweat analysis. Jan Halámek, the forensic chemist whose lab came up with the new process, says that because sweat glands are positioned closely to circulating blood, some ethanol is actually passed to our sweat. In… Read More »

Does An Egg A Day Keep The Doctor Away?

For certain this is not true. The real question is whether eggs belong in a healthy diet. Eggs are high in cholesterol with about 185 milligrams in the yolk of a large egg. For years eggs were thought to contribute significantly to coronary artery disease and they were out of vogue. Then research suggested that… Read More »