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Author Anneliese Khalil’s Debut Thriller Gains Popularity, and May Be One of the Best Thriller Books in 2021

Author Anneliese Khalil has announced the release of her thrilling debut novel, Ascension. Khalil’s unique style of storytelling stems from her wild imagination and willingness to engage with unorthodox metaphysical ideas. She was inspired to write by her desire to always create and contribute in some way. Ascension chronicles the life of Joel Stevens, who… Read More »

3 Books to Help You Start Meditating

Reading about meditation is a tempting distraction from the practice itself, which is more about revealing wisdom you already have than gathering knowledge. But reading can inspire you to practice, especially in the beginning, before you’ve been convinced of what meditation can do for you off the cushion, in your everyday life. Books have been… Read More »

NMC Health stock rebounds after it promises independent review of books

(Reuters) – NMC Health (NMC.L) shares rebounded by more than 30% on Monday after the healthcare group said it would launch an independent review of its books, seeking to reassure investors after short-selling firm Muddy Waters questioned its finances. Last week Muddy Waters took a short position in UAE-based NMC and challenged the value of… Read More »

The Best 9 Books About Mental Health

May is national Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s a topic that we give a lot of attention and love to here at Nutrition Stripped. If you think that nutrition has nothing to do with mental health and wellbeing, we’re here to shine a different light on that thought. Our philosophy is rooted in combining… Read More »