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Health Insurers Ride High for Now, But Watch What’s Coming Next

By KEN TERRY In the strangest healthcare business story of 2020, the major health insurance companies are thriving despite—or because of—the pandemic. As the second quarter reports of United, Anthem, Cigna and other insurers reveal, their COVID-19-related costs were outweighed by the sharp drop in claims for other healthcare services. As a result, the second… Read More »

When coming off xanax

Tapering off the use of alprazolam was helpful and so were all the contents in the article! How long will I take zoloft before I can get off daily xanax? Individuals who have coming inborn tendency toward increased levels of these neurotransmitters may seek ways when decrease this excitement and may self, why did I… Read More »

When you can feel depression coming back

Chipping away, bit-by-bit, inching forward at a pace that’s fast enough for you, you’ll figure it out. The content on Tiny Buddha is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine. I spent the next nine months steeped in profound physical, emotional, and… Read More »

Worst hay fever season ever is coming

An Australian doctor has warned hay fever and asthma sufferers in Victoria to prepare for the worst. University of Melbourne botanist Ed Newbigin said healthy grass growth from good rainfall would lead to elevated pollen levels in the coming weeks. “Now is a good time for people with hay fever or asthma to talk to… Read More »

Price Transparency in Health Care Is Coming to the US — But Will It Matter? – Harvard Business Review

Executive Summary President Trump has instructed federal agencies to use their authority (established in part under provisions of the Affordable Care Act, which the administration regards as unconstitutional) to develop federal rules requiring disclosure of hospital prices in consumer-friendly, electronic form. This would include not just the list prices that hospitals purport to charge but… Read More »