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Coping With Injuries as a Man

However you injure yourself, the key is to recover properly so you are fighting fit and ready to get back to the action. September 13, 2020 by Carrie Tennick Leave a Comment — If you’re an active man who likes his sport, suffering an injury can come as a serious blow. Whether this injury came… Read More »

Guide to coping with hearing aid feedback

Today’s hearing aid technology makes it possible for many with hearing loss to enjoy their favorite sounds again. Whether it’s hearing the laughter of loved ones, a favorite melody or the sounds of nature, hearing devices can have a dramatic impact on our quality of life. Properly fitting hearing aids in your earsis key to… Read More »

Culture strongly influences coping behaviors after natural disasters

Demographic and cultural differences strongly influence the coping styles young people use when they’re affected by a natural disaster, and these disparities should be taken into account when providing services to help them recover from these traumatic experiences, a new study found. University of Illinois social work professors Tara M. Powell and Kate M. Wegmann… Read More »