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How can you diagnose asthma

Xolair is delivered by injection every two to four weeks. Some people have asthma and COPD at the same time. Have a heating and air conditioning professional check your air conditioning system every year. Nitric oxide testing can also help determine whether steroid medications might be helpful for your child’s asthma. The doctor will also… Read More »

AI May Diagnose Health Conditions as Effectively as Health Professionals

New research published in The Lancet Digital Health suggests that artificial intelligence (AI) may be able to determine diseases from medical imaging as accurately as health professionals, reports the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.  Deep learning is an AI technique that allows computers to examine thousands of medical images to identify patterns of… Read More »

Diabetes? Asthma? Nurse practitioners in Quebec will soon be able to diagnose common health problems

MONTREAL — The professional order representing Quebec physicians has voted to allow the roughly 500 nurse practitioners in the province to begin diagnosing patients in an effort to reduce wait times in the health system and increase access to health care. Following years of debate and pressure from nurses and provincial politicians, Quebec’s college of… Read More »