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Best friends discover they’re actually sisters after 17 years

For 17 years, best friends Ashley Thomas and Latoya Wimberly have been as close as sisters. Now, after all this time, they find out they really are sisters. Thomas, 31, and Wimberly, 29, became instant besties after meeting at a mutual friend’s birthday party in 2004 in Philadelphia. The two clicked immediately and “stuck to each… Read More »

Researchers discover how cellular senescence leads to neurodegeneration

Although a link has been established between chronic inflammation and neurodegenerative diseases, there have been many open questions regarding how cellular senescence, a process whereby cells that stop dividing under stress spew out a mix of inflammatory proteins, affects these pathologies. Publishing in PLOS ONE, researchers at the Buck Institute report that senescence in astrocytes,… Read More »

Scientists discover new species of dinosaur related to the Velociraptor

Talk about a balancing act. Paleontologists have uncovered a new species of dinosaur that lived 90 million years ago in modern-day Brazil with an almost unheard-of characteristic: It balanced its weight on a single toe. Known as Vespersaurus, this bipedal carnivorous walked upright on both legs using its three-toed feet, but shifted its weight almost… Read More »

Discover the Mental, Emotional and Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy

by Kabbyik Discover the Mental, Emotional and Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy Massage therapy offers different benefits for human beings. Minimum two to three sessions in a week of massage therapy benefits you in several ways. Massage therapy effects on body and mind and it is good for emotional well-being.  There are many benefits of… Read More »