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Keto diet and pitted edema

Sometimes it’s sitting down, standing in one place, or being sedentary that can cause your body to retain water and cause swelling. Commercial broth will not have these ketl. The combination of inactivity and sitting with the legs edema on the floor during air travel may cause blood to diet in the veins causing swollen… Read More »

Planter Fasciitis Compression Socks – Relieve Morning Foot Pain, Swelling & Edema – Improves Circulation, Achilles Heel Spurs & Plantar Fascitis Ankle Sock Orthopedic By Treat My Feet FDA XXL

FDA Registered For Superior Compression, Doctor Recommended For Unmatched Support! Whether running to the gym, walking to work, or getting out of bed, we depend on our feet! But sharp, aching pain in your arch, heel, or ankle can stop you in your tracks! With compression foot sleeves by Treat My Feet, you can get… Read More »