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‘Fears you could still be spreading Covid even after you’ve been vaccinated’

We all know that the vaccines being delivered around the world right now work by protecting us from getting Covid. But what we still don’t know is whether they’ll also prevent us ­transmitting the virus to others. We simply don’t have enough public health data to answer the important question of transmission yet. In fact… Read More »

Election Issue Spotlight: “Junk” Insurance Makes a Pandemic Even Worse

By ROSEMARIE DAY and NIKO LEHMAN-WHITE One of the most important responsibilities of the American government is to protect its citizens from harmful industry practices, from lead poisoning to dangerous pharmaceuticals to financial meltdowns. Its record is far from perfect, but government regulators usually act in good faith and in turn earn the trust of… Read More »

Yes, Even Introverts Can Be Lonely Right Now

As an introvert, I thought I was immune to loneliness. I’ve been working remotely as long as I’ve been working. I enjoy the comfort of writing at home, the efficiency of not commuting and the freedom from interruptions by extroverted colleagues. But in my first year of graduate school, I was struggling to get my… Read More »

Brain Plaques Signal Alzheimer’s Even Before Other Symptoms Emerge: Study

MONDAY, April 13, 2020 — Even before symptoms develop, the brains of people with early Alzheimer’s disease have high levels of amyloid protein plaques, a new study reveals. Those levels in older adults with no dementia symptoms are associated with a family history of disease, lower scores on thinking/memory tests, and declines in daily mental… Read More »

New Yorkers make tiny work-from-home spaces bearable — even beautiful

Megan Collins created a functional yet stylish work-from-home nook in her one-bedroom apartment on the Lower East Side.Claire Esparros With stay-at-home orders in place to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, many New Yorkers and others across the country are facing new work-from-home realities. Typing furiously while hunched over a dining table or slouched… Read More »