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Melbourne outbreaks ‘what you’d expect’

Australia’s outgoing chief medical officer Brendan Murphy has said Melbourne’s accelerating coronavirus situation was what the national cabinet predicted, adding they’re “very, very comfortable” with the way things are going. In his final day in the role – ahead of becoming the Secretary of the Health Department next month – Professor Murphy said Victoria was… Read More »

‘I didn’t expect to be told it was Motor Neurone Disease – How was I going to tell my children’

The last few months have undoubtedly been difficult as we’ve all been doing our best to adapt to restrictions placed on us by the onset of Covid-19 – but some people have issues far greater than trying to keep the kids amused while working from home. une 21 is the annual fundraiser for the Irish… Read More »

When can i expect weight loss results

I’m curious how long I can expect this level of progress. 5 pounds of muscle every month, whereas with women it’s more likely to be around 1 pound every month. When will I start to see the number on the scale change? If you are vegetarian, you can meet your protein needs with eggs, nuts,… Read More »

What to expect from the cutting edge of science and tech in 2020

From anti-ageing drugs to self-driving cars and long-lost human ancestors, New Scientist experts reveal what the biggest science stories will be in 2020 Earth 18 December 2019 By Donna Lu , Graham Lawton , Adam Vaughan , Alison George and Debora MacKenzie NASA/GSFC/Reto Stöckli, Nazmi El Saleous, and Marit Jentoft-Nilsen Our distant relatives Alison George… Read More »

What to expect sleep aids

Speak with your physician. But you can find them elsewhere, many women find that hot flashes and night sweats can interrupt sleep. But there is one. Aerobic exercise helps older adults sleep betterA study at Northwestern University found that aerobic exercise resulted in the most dramatic improvement in quality of sleep, stressing over the fact… Read More »