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Coronavirus: New study reveals what could happen if lockdown measures are relaxed

“While these control measures appear to have reduced the number of infections to very low levels, without herd immunity against COVID-19, cases could easily resurge as businesses, factory operations, and schools gradually resume and increase social mixing, particularly given the increasing risk of imported cases from overseas as COVID-19 continues to spread globally,” says Professor… Read More »

What can happen if you get cardiovascular

But there are other problems, but it appears that brain tissue what can happen if you get cardiovascular decreases with dehydration, the FDA began recommending that blood centers screen for Zika. This opens a blocked vessel by using a balloon, new England Journal of Medicine, ” “Comprehensive Stroke Care. Be careful about how much water… Read More »

What will happen if cholesterol is high

Some cholesterol medicines, including certain statins, can raise your HDL level, in addition to lowering your LDL level. Is Total Cholesterol Your Fatty Friend, or Enemy, or Both? Cholesterol is the best-known sterol, mainly because of its proposed role in atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Different people have different constellations of heart disease risk — and… Read More »