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What happened about diet of worms

These words lent Luther’s appearance before the Imperial Diet a historical significance if one considers that the appeal to reason ‘cogent reasons’ and personal conscience based what worme testimony — in clear defiance of the diet of the Church — points ahead to a time that would not begin until the onset of the Enlightenment.… Read More »

Listen: Five Oklahoma Hospitals Collapsed – What Happened?

KHN Midwest correspondent Lauren Weber joined StateImpact Oklahoma reporter Jackie Fortiér to discuss why a series of rural hospitals collapsed, leaving hundreds of residents without jobs and their communities without lifesaving emergency medical care. Weber and California Healthline senior correspondent Barbara Feder Ostrov wrote an in-depth story on the business practices of Jorge A. Perez… Read More »

22 States Considered Eliminating the ‘Tampon Tax’ This Year. Here’s What Happened.

Why are tampons taxed when Viagra isn’t? That’s the question at the heart of the push to repeal the so-called tampon tax, a catchy phrase that refers to state sales taxes applied to menstrual products, including pads and cups. Thirty-five states still tax the items, despite momentum to change that. Opponents of the tax argue… Read More »