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Crowded parties and coronavirus concerns keep high schoolers from returning to the classroom

Their study, published last Thursday in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, found a statistically significant increase in clinic and hospital visits by patients who reported respiratory illnesses as early as the week of December 22. The first known case of Covid-19 in the US was thought to be a patient in Washington who had… Read More »

How to Keep Ticks Off You and Your Pets

There’s nothing better than spending a warm sunny day outside with your pet – whether you’re on a walk through the neighborhood, through a local park, or on a hike through the woods. But there’s one big potential downside to romping around outdoors with your pet, and it’s one that can affect both humans and… Read More »

St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy is committed to keep their doors open – WMTV

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) — St. Vincent de Paul is the only charitable pharmacy in the state that operates on a standalone basis. The people they serve fall under the 200 percent poverty level and are uninsured. To help relieve stress and anxiety pharmacists at St. Vincent de Paul are offering their patients 90 day supplies… Read More »

Indian hospitality start-up Oyo fights to keep hotels open in China amid coronavirus outbreak

While stores, factories and hotels shutter in China amid a coronavirus outbreak, Indian hospitality start-up Oyo is fighting to keep hotels open. “We’re trying to keep as many of our hotels open as possible, including in Wuhan and in Hubei,” Oyo CEO and founder Ritesh Agarwal told CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” Tuesday. Oyo operates a chain… Read More »

Can anxiety keep you awake all night

Put your hands can anxiety keep you awake all night fists and open them. But if you arise with anxiety about nothing in particular on a regular basis, it could be a sign of something bigger. This is a self correcting problem. Valerian root is known to be sedative unless taken in too high a… Read More »