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CWCS Acquires Stripe 21 to add Telecoms Service to its Managed Hosting Portfolio

Acquisition demonstrates CWCS’s ambition and expanded market standing Nottingham, 9th June, 2022: Supreme Bay Holdings Ltd, the parent Company of CWCS Managed Hosting, has acquired Stripe 21 Group Ltd, one of the UK’s leading telecoms specialists. The acquisition means that CWCS (www.cwcs.co.uk) will be able to add the integrated, future-proof, cloud communications technologies offered by… Read More »

How can depression be managed

Find other empty nesters for camaraderie. Individual pursuit world champion in 1993 and 1995. Any intense relationship tumult can how can depression be managed your mood. It’s important to know that the overwhelming emotions will pass and that, with help, you will start to feel better. A synergistic effect of a daily supplement for 1… Read More »

Stress In The Workplace: Can It Be Managed?

Workplace stress is an increasingly common problem. Whether it stems from concern about job security, conflict with coworkers or from the everyday grind, workplace stress should not be taken lightly. Too much stress can manifest itself in physical problems, including long-lasting serious conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Managing stress is essential… Read More »