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Fear of HIV disclosure and lack of referrals means that the pain of many Black women with HIV is unaddressed

Specific clinical pathways to pain management and implicit bias training for healthcare providers are needed to ensure people with HIV receive appropriate care for chronic pain, argue Venetia Baker of King’s College London and colleagues in AIDS Care. Findings showed that Black people, especially women, were less likely to be referred for specialist pain management… Read More »

People are getting reinfected with COVID-19. What that means for ‘herd immunity’ and vaccines

Article content continued “It very well might be very rare. But it very well might not be as rare as we think. We just need a better surveillance system for it.” From a public health perspective, “People who have had COVID-19 should behave and be treated as if they had not had the virus,” Pandori… Read More »

The COVID-19 coronavirus is changing. What’s not clear is what it means

Article content continued The virus and the host learned to co-adapt Some coronavirus scientists have speculated that perhaps centuries ago there could have been an outbreak like this with coronaviruses that today are seasonal bugs. “We don’t have data on this; we haven’t tested this,” Banerjee said. “But who knows, maybe the coronaviruses that cause… Read More »

What is flu jab means

30 Panton Street, but there’s one myth about the flu vaccine that prevails and stops people getting immunised: that the flu jab gives you the flu. The 2009 pandemic, as it injects a virus or bacterium into the body to provoke an immune system response. That means if you do come into contact with the… Read More »

Define what true resilience means for you

Can you let things roll off your shoulders? Are you the tough, no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, stand-your-ground type? Do you show up to work no matter what? Has no one ever seen you cry at work? Are these things resilience? We nurses openly divulge the issues that make us leave the bedside, even amid a vast shortage… Read More »

For Black Men With Prostate Cancer, Equal Access Means Equal Outcomes

Equal access to care and standardized treatment result in similar outcomes among white and Black men with prostate cancer, suggest new findings published in JAMA Oncology, reports Healio. Black men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, especially more aggressive forms, and more likely to die of the disease than white men. But… Read More »