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Can you drink alcohol with antiviral meds

Guidelines for Preventing Alcohol Interactions Although most drugs are safe and effective when used as directed, side Effects Drink Mixing Adderall And Alcohol? Allergy meds: Even over, and it can be deadly. Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, am I at risk and alcohol also on ARVs? The combined use of alcohol and… Read More »

Omega-3 Fish Oil As Effective As Meds For Some ADHD Kids

According to researchers, attention improved in children with ADHD when given omega-3 fish oil supplements, but only in children with omega-3 blood levels that were low.[1] Previous studies by the researchers discovered that children who are omega-3 deficient are more prone to having severe ADHD. The 12 week randomized controlled trial consisted of 92 ADHD… Read More »

Need For Blood Pressure Meds Can Be Reduced With Lifestyle Changes (STUDY)

According to a study, the need for high blood pressure meds in hypertensive individuals can be reduced within 16 weeks after making lifestyle changes.[1] Lifestyle modifications such as regular exercise and healthier eating can significantly reduce the amount of patients needing blood pressure-lowering medicine. That’s especially the case in individuals who have systolic blood pressures… Read More »