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How to Mislead People About Misinformation

Dr. Sam Bailey of Christchurch, New Zealand was a well-known presenter in a TVNZ health series called “The Checkup.” That is, until she was terminated for “spreading misinformation.” That word — misinformation — has been thrown around indiscriminately since the start of the pandemic, but what does it really mean? What qualifies as misinformation and… Read More »

A call to clear misinformation in the era of COVID-19

The rumor mill has been churning. Media sources—even reputable ones—are using inflammatory headlines as clickbait, capitalizing on the anxiety of their readerships. Misinformation is being passed along through various channels, not the least of which comes from people in positions of power. The break-room in the hospital is abuzz with worried team-members, news of a… Read More »