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Can a person with asthma vape

The effects vaping may have on the body are still a topic of research. However, studies claim that the consequences of smoking are similar to the potential risks of vaping. Vaping may damage the lung cells of the user, while nicotine and e-liquids can lead to inflammation of the lungs. In particular, research shows that… Read More »

When is a person blood pressure normal

This type most often affects older adults, those with high blood pressure, and people when is a person blood pressure normal Parkinson disease. Coronavirus cases: How many more will die of virus? Age Predicted Maximum Heart Rate, or see our Target Heart Rate Calculator and Chart. When you want to change your sitting position, take… Read More »

A 7th person has died from vaping-related causes. The CDC is stepping up its probe of e-cigarette illnesses

California will launch a $ 20 million ad campaign to warn against the dangers of vaping, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Monday, the same day health officials said a 40-year-old had died over the weekend from complications related to using e-cigarettes. Vaping-related illness recently killed another person in California, plus one person each in Kansas, Illinois,… Read More »