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Coronavirus latest: US nurse warns of a potential new symptom of COVID-19

“The ocular implications of human CoV infections have not been widely studied. However, CoVs have been known to cause various ocular infections in animals.”  The study also noted that more research needs to be conducted on how coronavirus could affect the eyes.  The American Academy of Ophthalmology said: “Several reports suggest the virus can cause… Read More »

Former FDA chief Gottlieb under consideration as potential coronavirus ‘czar’: Politico

In public statements, President Donald Trump has played down the threat posted to the U.S. by the novel coronavirus even as health officials have stressed caution and the need to prepare. Internally, the White House is weighing appointing a coronavirus czar, and former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb has garnered consideration, Politico reports.  Administration officials aren’t completely certain whether the role is warranted at… Read More »

UK doctors warn of potential life-threatening allergic reaction to e-cigarettes after treating teen

A man vapes at a store on September 17, 2019 in New York City. Spencer Platt | Getty Images Doctors in the U.K. who recently treated a teenage boy with respiratory failure are warning that the fluid in e-cigarettes could trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction that causes inflammation in the lungs. The doctors diagnosed a… Read More »

5 potential uses of sow thistle

Weeds are a common sight in gardens, fields and lawns. Most gardeners and farmers consider them troublesome, as weeds compete for resources such as space, water, light and soil nutrients that should go to the plants you want to grow.1 However, not all weeds are the same — some of them may actually be beneficial… Read More »

Dear Dr Nina: My husband is worried about taking cholesterol medication as he’s heard about some potential side effects

Statins have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system as a whole Dear Dr Nina: My husband is worried about taking cholesterol medication as he’s heard about some potential side effects Independent.ie Q My 56-year-old husband was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol. However, he is unhappy about taking statins, as prescribed by his GP, as… Read More »

Smarter Healthcare Initiative aims to unlock potential for Switzerland

The Swiss Healthcare Startups (SHS) association from Zurich has now launched the Smarter Healthcare project. The project hopes to promote and develop young healthcare startups in Switzerland with the goal of full potential development for the Swiss healthcare sector. Smarter Healthcare will be financed for three years by the Migros Group from April this year. As… Read More »

Radiation oncology workforce study indicates potential threat to rural cancer care access

An inside look into America’s radiation oncology workforce finds that gender and race gaps have narrowed slightly, although persistent and growing geographic disparities point to a need for more equity in access to radiation therapy care. The survey, which drew responses from more than 1,100 physicians across the country, finds that fewer radiation oncologists are… Read More »