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Quick remedy for muscle pain

Share on Pinterest A fever and dizziness can be symptoms of muscle aches. See Exercising with Arthritis. You can also buy a heat wrap, such as Thermacare, which can provide continuous, low-level heat for several hours while you go about your day. Need healthcare Services at home? If your muscle pain is caused by tension… Read More »

Seattle Genetics, Astellas snag quick FDA approval for bladder cancer-fighter Padcev

Historically, metastatic bladder cancer has been “a very bad prognosis,” in the words of Seattle Genetics CEO Clay Siegall. But his company and partner Astellas now have a shot at trying to change that. Wednesday, the FDA handed the duo an early approval for Padcev, a first-of-its kind antibody drug conjugate. The product targets Nectin-4, a protein… Read More »

How is arthritis quick

Women who ate low; centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Despite being compliant with your medications – oxford American Handbook of Clinical Medicine. Viscosupplementation for osteoarthritis of the knee may have positive effects on pain and function at 5 to 13 weeks is, lorie was quick for over 20 years and a former freelance writer… Read More »

No Quick Fix for the Culture of Prescribing that Drives Medication Overload

By THERESA BROWN, RN In my mid-twenties, I was twice prescribed the common antihistamine Benadryl for allergies. However, my body’s reaction to the drug was anything but common. Instead of my hives fading, they erupted all over my body and my arms filled with extra fluid until they were almost twice normal size. I subsequently… Read More »

5 quick PR tricks to cover up a lack of real health care news

As all researchers know, science is a grinding parade of failure and dead ends. But as we’ve often written, news release writers sometimes seem hell-bent on making the public believe otherwise. Like expert makeup artists, they can add sparkle to lackluster findings, mask blemishes in study designs, and smooth over unimpressive data. One thing I… Read More »

New Clinical Trial Aims To Detect Cancer With A Quick Breathalyser Test

A new breath test for cancer is being evaluated in a clinical trial involving 1,500 people.Owlstone Medical Ltd Nowadays ‘liquid biopsies,’ the notion of detecting cancer using only a blood test to detect minute amounts of circulating tumor are fairly well-known. But what if not even a blood test was needed to detect cancer, merely… Read More »