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Psychiatrist: My Medicine Raised Our Patient’s Blood Sugar, Can You Help? PCP: That’s a Dump!

By HANS DUVEFELT, MD If my hypertensive patient develops orthostatism and falls and breaks her hip, I fully expect the orthopedic surgeon on call to treat her. I may kick myself that this happened but I’m not qualified to treat a broken hip. If my anticoagulated patient hits his head and suffers a subdural hematoma,… Read More »

Opponents to California's dialysis ballot win over voters with $111 million raised

California voters have rejected a ballot measure to cap off dialysis profits. The measure, known as Proposition 8, is believed to be the statewide ballot that has featured the most spending by one side, with the dialysis industry and other medical coalitions setting aside $ 111 million to defeat it. The measure called for limiting… Read More »