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High fat diet streptozotocin rats

Experimental rodent models of fat 2 diabetes: A review. Western blot analysis of Wnt signaling pathway components. Tail vein blood sstreptozotocin collected streptozotocin 0, 30, 60, diet, and min using a glucometer Life Scan Inc. Diabetic rats and diabetic rats placed on the menhaden oil enriched diet weighed high the same as the control rats.… Read More »

Double the number of women suffer from dementia — so why are even the lab rats in brain studies male?

Depression, stroke and dementia are twice as common in women as in men. Among Alzheimer’s patients, 70 per cent are female. But according to Lynn Posluns, the driving force behind the first “Women’s Brain Health Day,” launched this week, most research on these disorders focus on only one gender — right down to the mice… Read More »

Rats, trash, typhoid: City’s growing slum

Shocking new images from Los Angeles show the city’s descent into a rubbish-choked, rat-infested homeless camp with human faeces on the streets and feared outbreaks of disease. Burgeoning mountains of decaying trash across 50 squalid blocks of LA’s downtown area has reportedly resulted in one police officer’s treatment for typhoid. Five other officers from the… Read More »

Stem cells implanted into the brain stop epilepsy seizures in rats

CasarsaGuru/Getty By Clare Wilson For people with severe epilepsy, no medication is effective – but a radical approach of implanting stem cells into the brain could stop seizures at their source. The technique, which has so far shown promise in rats, would involve taking some of a patient’s own skin cells and turning them into… Read More »