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Recipe for snail diet

My recipe is based around hemp as the primary ingredient, simply because it is the most balanced form of nutrition and, in my recipe, they really like it. Add the snqil and cook until the slime is gone, about 3 minutes. This does not have to be served for the porridge, and works equally as… Read More »

Sibo specific diet cake recipe

Cranberries are one of my favorite holiday ingredients. I use five spice in this sauce but you can leave it out if you prefer. You can also modify the amount of honey in this recipe to make So if you’re just starting a SIBO Green beans can be hard to digest sometimes, especially if they’re… Read More »

World Pakhala Divas 2020: Know The Significance of Celebrating This Popular Odia Dish (Watch Recipe Video)

Pakhala divas (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons) India is a land of diversity, from language, culture to the cuisines that come with it, each state in the country has its distinct identity in some way. As the cultural celebrations differ so do the festivities organised within. A one of a kind celebration around a food item… Read More »

Easy and healthy fruit pizza recipe

Do you love hosting backyard parties during summer? If so, this easy and healthy fruit pizza recipe should pique your interest. It’s a refreshing summer snack (or dessert) that can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike, and it makes use of the best produce this season has to offer. This fruit pizza is a… Read More »