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Regulation, Reimbursement, and Interoperability Block Health Systems’ Digital Transformation – The State of Healthcare in 2021 From HIMSS

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic motivated health care providers, payers, and patients to adopt digital tools and contact-less services, allowing people to deliver and receive medical care. Still, 18 months into the pandemic, now endemic and in its fourth wave of cases spiking around the world and in many parts of the… Read More »

Obesity Training and Reimbursement Should be a Higher Priority

By: HANNAH MARTIN; JENNY BOGARD; WILLIAM DIETZ, MD; ANNE VALIK; NICHOLE JANNAH; CHRISTINE GALLAGHER; ANAND PAREKH, MD; DON BRADLEY MD Hannah Martin Jenny Bogard Dr. William Dietz Anne Valik Nichole Jannah Christine Gallager Dr. Anand Parekh Dr. Don Bradley The United States has been facing a mounting obesity epidemic for over a generation, but our health… Read More »