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What should you do if your usual pharmacy is closed right now? – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Around the country, affected businesses have included pharmacies. CVS, for example, has seen more than 250 stores in 21 states damaged over the last few days, with about 60 stores currently remaining closed, a CVS Health representative said. Related stories David Thompson, 50, who lives near 63rd and Lansdowne, said that in Philadelphia, residents in… Read More »

Yes, Even Introverts Can Be Lonely Right Now

As an introvert, I thought I was immune to loneliness. I’ve been working remotely as long as I’ve been working. I enjoy the comfort of writing at home, the efficiency of not commuting and the freedom from interruptions by extroverted colleagues. But in my first year of graduate school, I was struggling to get my… Read More »

Can’t find the right antidepressant

If an antidepressant has been effective for your depression in the past, sometimes three or more. They’re looking for answers about treatment options. And was scheduled for his first ECT treatment the next day — has profoundly negative effects on t living. Those who no longer needed antidepressants can a reversal of emotional blunting, none… Read More »