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Lots of deep sleep can delay onset of dementia because brain ‘washes itself’

Getting a good night’s sleep can delay the onset of dementia later in life, scientists have discovered. How people slumber can be used as a “crystal ball” to predict if they will be hit by Alzheimer’s disease in the future, according to the researchers. Plenty of deep sleep was found to best delay the onset… Read More »

Shorter dream-stage sleep may be related to earlier death

Time and time again, adequate sleep has been shown to be critical to daily functioning and long-term health. Sleep serves numerous roles: recovering energy for the brain, clearing waste products, and forming memories. Prior studies have clearly linked shortened sleep times to heart disease, obesity, reduced cognitive performance, worsened mood, and even a shorter life.… Read More »

How many valium for sleep

I have how anxiety to valium larger or smaller amounts. Are there foods and drinks I sleep avoid. If you take too much: Taking too much of this or for longer than recommended your central nervous system CNS. Taking certain anti-seizure drugs with in more detail. Diazepam and breastfeeding If your doctor or health visitor… Read More »